Vinyasa, Thursday Night Flow and Sunrise Vinyasa

Classes for adventurous beginners, the experienced yogi and those craving creative sequencing

Vinyasa yoga is a style of practice dedicated to harmonizing the breath with movement. A vinyasa class is designed “to place in a special way”, such that the practice is structured to purposely move from simple yoga postures to more complex and challenging poses. This honours the body, mind and spirit in its present state, cultivating the qualities of sthira (steadiness) and sukha (comfort of being). A class typically blends together dynamic and fluid yoga postures with stationary (static) ones. Breath techniques (pranayama) and meditation are foundational to yoga and commonly incorporated in a vinyasa class. Please Note: To avoid insomnia, backbending in evening classes is limited and at the discretion of the student.

Vinyasa Yoga – This class is an exploration of postures, created using kramas (Sanskrit for steps) and variations of foundational poses. It stays true to the vinyasa principles of structuring the practice from simple to complex poses.

Thursday Night Yoga Flow – This class is dedicated to exploring the exhilarating beauty of the dynamic practice. Its focus will be the namaskar (salutation) and the many variations it takes while being invigorated with intentional breath and concentrated mind. The pace of movement is guided by the student to encourage a deep connection to their personal experience. The yang practice will be complemented using yin poses in preparation for Savasana.

Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga – This class is a sweet start to the day, marrying dynamic movement, long holds of poses and invigorating backbending.

Experience: Accessible to all levels