Restorative Yoga + Aroma Therapy

A restorative class for beginners, experienced, the Type A, the injured and the recovering

Each class provides a Karma Gift of specially selected essential oil

Enjoy the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Aroma Therapy blends while allowing yourself to completely surrender into the present moment. Using props, you will be guided into position to help the body completely let go and obtain lasting benefits. Postures will be held for extended periods of time in order to create lasting change. This practice is a wonderful complement to more active yoga classes.

For your comfort have items such as a sweater, blanket, socks or eye pillow available.

Experience: Accessible to all levels

Karma Gift Schedule

The importance of self-care has taken on a whole new meaning. Essential oils are integral to this class and Gillian wants you to have the full experience. Curated to reflect upcoming classes, the Karma Gift is a free offering of essential oil to use in your personal diffuser (there’s also other goodies planned). To ensure your Karma Gift is received in time for class, please register three (3) business days to allow for home delivery or mail.

May 24: Chakra Opening with Stress Release & Super Detox Essential Oil Blends

May 31: Restorative Heart Opening Yoga with Heart Blend Essential Oil

June 7: Spring Cleansing with Morning Blossoms & Lemon Essential Oil

Please note: We will do our best to ensure timely delivery but we are unable to offer a guarantee. No substitutions please. Use is own personal discretion. Thank you for your understanding.

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