When We Teach

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To book your class, you may

  • reserve and pay online using a credit card or studio pass
  • reserve and pay prior to class.

If you prefer to pay using cash or Debit, we will gladly process payment (including credit cards) in-studio.

For a great class and boutique experience purchase your pass now.

At Sweet Kula Yoga we feel blessed for the peaceful society we live in.  We are indebted to those who have sacrificed and those who continue to do so. Om shanti shanti shanti



Whether it’s your first yoga class or 100th, we encourage you to:

  • Arrive early – give yourself time to settle in and stretch out on your mat
  • Share – if you have an injury or limitation, a question or concern, please speak with the teacher
  • Share some more – the foundational intention of our studio is to create a “community of the heart”. We invite you to share your presence, in whatever way is comfortable for you and respectful of fellow students.

Please arrive 15-minutes early for your first class to allow time to meet the teacher, complete the studio waiver, and find the perfect spot for your practice.

The essentials for your class include a mat, water bottle, and comfortable clothes. We have a limited number of mats for use if you do not have one.

Personal items, including electronic devices, will stored in cubbies.


Classes for the beginner, experienced, injured, curious and everything in between


Class Fees – Individual Class

Drop-in General Public – $14

Lunch Time Special – $10
– Available to all clients

Wellness Colleagues & First Responders – $10
Wellness Colleagues include: Yoga Teachers, Fitness Trainers, Massage Therapists and other wellness practitioners (please ask)
– Proof of industry qualification required
– Online reserves are limited to six spaces per class


  • Kula Journey Pass

  • Unlimited classes for 30 days
    (formerly New Client Pass)
  • Non-transferable
  • Purchase at any time
  • One time purchase
  • Monthly Unlimited

  • Unlimited classes
  • Non-transferable
  • 5% discount on workshops and intensives
  • One free class per month for a guest
  • 5 Pass

  • Expires 6 months from date of first use
  • Transferable
  • Purchase at any time
  • One time purchase
  • 10 Pass

  • Expires 6 months from date of first use
  • Transferable
  • Purchase at any time
  • One time purchase


Transferable Passes

We appreciate each and every pass our students buy. It tells us they feel welcome and are digging the yoga. If a pass is transferable, the pass owner can bring as many guests as classes still available on their pass.

Reserving Online

We understand that life is busy. Reserving your spot acknowledges your commitment to your practice and gives you peace of mind. We encourage you to use this option, but ask that you use it responsibly. No shows take up a spot another student could use.

Here’s how it works:

  • To reserve your spot, your pass is charged or a drop-in fee is paid
  • Your spot is reserved up to 5-minutes before class starts
  • If you cancel your reserve prior to 5-minutes before class starts, your pass will not be charged. Your drop-in fee is a credit for a future class
  • If your reserve is not cancelled 5-minutes before class starts, your pass is still charged or drop-in is non-refundable

Please cancel your reservation if you cannot come, so we can release your spot to another student and you are not paying for a class you didn’t attend.


Please allow 7 days for a refund to appear in your account. If there is any further delay, please contact us.