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Heartfelt Puja

Puja means offering and ours will be an early morning ceremony on the mat. Seated, we will start with a simple prayer, then pranayama, followed by mantra with mudra, and finally samkalpa, or intention setting. There will be a short posture practice or you can choose to remain in a seated meditation. Your practice closes when the time is right for you.

Before taking your seat, splash your face and rinse your mouth with water. For comfortable sitting, have a pillow or blocks available. Bring mala beads if you them.

Students are encouraged to create an altar in their practice area, including items with special meaning such as photographs and mementos. Candles in safe containers add to the sacredness of the puja.

Please sign in prior to class to avoid unintended interruption. If you’re late, don’t worry. We are all late sometimes. Thank you.


Prenatal Yoga  Yoga for Golfers

Prenatal Yoga

Monday 7:30-8:30pm / September 14 – November 9 / 8 weeks / Studio or ZOOM 

The marvel of pregnancy is evident by the growing belly. But pregnancy is a wholistic change deserving lots of attention and care, and prenatal yoga can play an important part. Join Gillian and other pregnant goddesses for a class dedicated to nurturing the mom-in-waiting.

This class is suitable for all levels of experience.

$96. Monthly Unlimited Passholders receive 5% discount. New clients can join at pro-rated cost. Drop-Ins are welcome subject to space ($14).

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Yoga for Golfers

(This session is finished but private classes are available)

Monday 6:15 – 7:15pm / April 20, 27 & May 4, 11

Golf and yoga share important attributes: a mind, body, breath experience requiring single-pointed attention, a high level of technique and willingness to practice. Learn through functional movement and breath mechanics how to prepare the body for those early driving range sessions, avoiding injury and soreness and elevating your overall skill (and love of the sport).

$50 for four classes; Monthly Unlimited Passholders receive 5% discount. Drop-Ins are welcome ($8 class fee).