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We are all beginners at some point.

This class is for the first-timer or anyone who wants to understand the fundamentals of yoga postures. Class is fun and interesting. We learn how to take care of our body but challenge it at the same time.

No bendy bodies required.


Vinyasa is a style of practice which harmonizes the breath with movement, designed “to place in a special way”. The practice blends together dynamic and fluid yoga postures with stationary (static) ones. Each class unfolds using simple yoga postures to more complex and challenging poses, subsequently reaching a peak pose or peak sequence.  Breath techniques (pranayama) and meditation are an important foundation of yoga and commonly incorporated in a vinyasa class. Above all, the practice honours the body, mind and spirit in the present moment, striving to cultivate the qualities of sthira (steadiness) and sukha (comfort of being).

All classes accessible to all levels except Advanced Posture Workshop, which varies in offering postures including headstand, binding, or arm balances.

Please note: To avoid insomnia, backbending in evening classes is limited and at the discretion of the student.

Do what feels right and good in your body!


Yin is based on teachings codified by Paul Grilley and championed by Canada’s Bernie Clark. The focus is on connective tissue, especially the fascia and major joints. Clark writes that the yin practice, using long holds, “creates and maintains healthy tissue, rather than exaggerating range of motion”. As a result, this practice helps with everyday life activities, whether it’s doing a shoulder check or applying force to a joint during physical activity. Meanwhile, those long holds develop a body awareness that requires lots of patience, grace and attention to the breath.

It is essential to inform the instructor of any injuries or limitations so modifications can be considered. Wear extra clothes, including socks, so the body is warm.

Accessible to all levels. Do what feels right and good in your body!