Sweet Kula Yoga is back in the studio!



We want you to stay healthy!

We will do our part to keep you safe at the studio by implementing additional cleaning and disinfecting and new procedures for handling and sanitizing props. Please
  • wear a mask when entering, moving around and leaving the studio
  • use the hand sanitizer provided before you enter, and when leaving, the practice area
  • bring your own mat, props if you have them and a bag or backpack to store personal items beside you.
Social distancing means we can accommodate 11 students, so it’s a good idea to book your spot.

To take a public class, Government regulations require you to review the COVID-19 Screening Checklist (see below), responding “NO” to each question. If you answer “YES” to any of the questions, we cannot allow you to participate.

If you are uncertain about your health, stay home and take care of yourself.

Studio & ZOOM Classes By The Day

SUNDAY (Yin / Restorative)


with Chantelle @ 1:00-2:15pm    STUDIO & ZOOM

Restorative  + Aroma Therapy

with Gillian @ 3:00-4:00pm    STUDIO & ZOOM **Biweekly schedule: July 5 & 19 and  August 2, 16 & 30

MONDAY (Fundamentals / Prenatal)


with Sandy @ 6:15-7:15pm   RETURNS SEPTEMBER 14th


with Gillian @ 7:30-8:30pm   STUDIO & ZOOM  

**8 weeks registered class (July 20th – September 21st).  Drop-ins subject to availability


Heartfelt Puja

with Chantelle @ 7:00-7:45am.   ZOOM only (FREE CLASS!)

WEDNESDAY (Lunch Special / Vinyasa)

$10 Lunch Special

with Chantelle @ 12:05-12:55pm   RETURNS SEPTEMBER 9th   


with Chantelle @ 7:30-8:45pm    STUDIO & ZOOM (No class July 29)

THURSDAY (Morning Mojo / Vinyasa Flow)

Morning Mojo

with Chantelle @ 7:00-8:00am   ZOOM only (No class July 30)

Vinyasa Flow + Intense Stretch

with Chantelle @ 7:00-8:15pm   **OUTDOOR AT GOVERNMENT HILL PARK or STUDIO & ZOOM (Practice location posted online by 5:30pm Thursday)

SATURDAY (Sunrise Vinyasa)

Sunrise Vinyasa

with Chantelle @ 8:00-9:15am   STUDIO & ZOOM

Recorded classes delivered to your device anytime

  • Wherever you are, this class shares detail and insight into the yoga practice.
  • YIN
  • A class for anytime of day.
  • An invigorating vinyasa class to get you moving and then quickly on your way.
  • We’ll use a backbend peak to open the heart, creating lots of heat and energy.