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Workshops & Intensives

Growing into a backbending practice with Chantelle – variety of backbends including cobra, camel and upward bow. Posture Lab with Chantelle – Exploring Warrior poses A, B & C Staycation with Chantelle – An intentional way to begin the day. With deep gratitude to Wally, Sheila, Ana, Daniela, Wendy and Claire for being there to share the […]

Greeting February 29, 2020

Sharing an auspicious practice for an auspicious day Your kula is coming together for a very special yoga practice that includes Ganesha’s Invocational Mantra (listen here), translated from Sanskrit as: OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA SHARANAM GANESHA The chanting of Ganesha’s mantra 108 times is followed by a sweet meditation. Doors open at 7:00am. Please be on your mat by […]