Bright and au naturel

Located on the second floor, our space is a bright and clean studio. It has large east facing windows – perfect for those early morning yoga practices with lots of light throughout the day. During the summer, we’ll open the windows to enjoy the vibrant 124 Street neighbourhood and fresh air.

The temperature in the studio is room temperature. As each class progresses, heat is generated au naturel – yoga is a combination of intentional movement and skillful breath. For some, practising in a warm or hot room is key. We get that. But we want to offer this food for thought: yoga did not originate in a heated room. This ancient practice is grounded in understanding and honouring the natural state of the mind, body, and soul. During the winter months, students are welcome to bring a cozy blanket and warm socks or dress in layers that can be removed as the body and room heat rises.

Cubbies for your personal items and a coat rack are located in the studio. There are two washrooms, but no shower facilities. We are happy to provide some lovely wipes for freshening up.